On the eve of launching Toxic Goddess as a pay site, I want to share with everyone what makes Toxic Goddess different than all the rest. I’m certain that on the surface we will be compared with everything from Playboy to anything that has followed, particularly if it’s an alternative modeling site. That’s fine, because the work speaks for itself, and if you just want to see photos of nude beautiful women, we certainly have that. But if you drill down a little deeper you’ll discover that there’s much more to this site.

Robert Henry

First off, Toxic Goddess has two photographers that have chosen to pursue this, rather than concentrate solely on fine art endeavors or a lucrative commercial photography career. Robert Henry graduated from the prestigious Savannah School of Art and Design. He had offers to assist high profile photographers as far away as London. He’s an award-winning fine art photographer. He could be anywhere right now, but he’s here working on this instead.

Dirk Hooper

I’m a world renowned fetish and fantasy photographer, who has displayed work in fine art museums and in numerous underground art venues. I have work in the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute. I’ve been published in CDs, comics and slick fetish magazines. My own personal site ranks in Google’s top five for Goth models and gets over one million hits a month. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been contacted to do exclusive work for someone else’s company. I could do anything I want right now, but Toxic Goddess is where my heart is.

Jennifer Marks

We are joined by Jennifer Marks, an outrageously talented makeup artist whose creativity is only matched by her brilliance. She is the cohesive element in our triumvirate, bringing her management skills and her perspective to complete our team.

The Staff

Why are we different? You just met the whole staff. If it’s on Toxic Goddess, one or all of us had our hand in it. While we may cultivate more help in the future, you can rest assured that we will keep the highest standards possible, because frankly, this is our baby, and we want it done right. We are artists. You won’t find a bunch of part-time wedding photographers or boyfriends with cheap digital cameras doing work on here.

The Goddesses

The Toxic Goddesses themselves are different as well. These are not girls, or chicks, or honeys… they are Goddesses in every sense of the word. These models were picked not just because of their looks, but because of their creativity, their intelligence and their style. These models are part of the creative process and they bring something extra to every shoot we do. If you’re looking for endless vacuous teenagers with tattoos and angst, there are plenty of other sites for that. The Toxic Goddesses are real women, with attitude, and while that might scare some people, we take pride in that.

The Dream

We do something else that is rare, if not unheard of in this business. We cut the models in on the profits. That means that they have a stake in how we do. It’s a simple concept, borne of a simple philosophy; everyone on the team deserves to share in our success. If we all do well, we’ll work harder to please our fans. Everyone wins.

So, what makes us different? Everything makes us different. We have a staff of serious artists who love their work. Our models are beautiful women, with style and class, and a hand in our success. The work we produce is unique and exceptional. We’re very proud of what we offer. This is something we believe in and we invite you to share in our dream.

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Dream hard,
- Dirk Hooper
Founder and Photographer of Toxic Goddess
April 10, 2007


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